Organic Farming Conference

Organic Farming as a Way of Life

Conference held annually at the Mount Hope Event Center in Mount Hope, Ohio

Our Mission

Care about humans and humus; encourage working the land for future generations; and support community life and stewardship that is prosperous and enduring.

Growing Practices

Promoting growing practices that conserve, renew, and improve our soils; to provide healthy food for the wellbeing of families, communities, and all inhabitants that share our farms and land.


Advocating a way of farming that offers products for the markets that are nutritious, wholesome, and delicious.

Building a Culture

Building a local agri-culture with practices that benefit our rural and urban communities.

Register for 2023!

Join us for our 2 day conference on November 9-10,2023 featuring 4 keynote speakers alongside 500+ other attendees and vendors.

Organic Farming Conference

PO Box 214, Millersburg OH 44654

Call or write for a brochure to register for the conference.

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